5 Times Pabllo Vittar Stunned Her Fans in Music Video Performances: Watch

music / November 15, 2018

Singer and drag superstar Pabllo Vittar is slowly taking over the world. The 24-year-old drag queen has become a household name in her home country of Brazil and has found mainstream recognition by collaborating with all-star names like Diplo, Charli XCX and many more.

Lali Esposito and Pabllo Vittar, "Caliente"


Lali & Pabllo Vittar Turn Up the Temperature in ‘Caliente’ Music Video: Premiere

But what Vittar has also become known for is her sleek, stylish appearances in music videos. Whether it’s a fully produced video for one of her own songs or a simple cameo in another artist’s project, Vittar’s looks have gone viral, making her one of the most successful drag stars of this generation.

But the question remains: Which video appearances are her best? Here, Billboard Pride picks Vittar’s five best performances in music videos:

“Caliente” with Lali Esposito

Watching Lali Esposito’s brand-new video for her track “Caliente” feels like it was simply meant for Vittar to feature in. Both of the artists serve stunning beach looks and go from dancing to playing soccer to belting vocals so effortlessly that it’s no wonder why this video and performance works so well.

“Disk Me”

In this gorgeously shot video, Vittar goes full drag diva. While others would be content with simply donning a bejeweled outfit for a video like this, Vittar instead spends most of the video dripping in diamonds, commanding the attention of the audience not only visually, but with entrancing vocals to match.

“Sua Cara” with Major Lazer & Anitta

In the first video that kickstarted a friendship between Vittar and Major Lazer leader Diplo, Vittar is in full force alongside fellow Brazilian star Anitta. The two are dressed to the nines, showing off their best moves in a desert while being flanked by a pair of dune buggies. It’s dramatic, it’s evocative of Vittar’s signature style, and it’s a well-crafted video for the song.

“Problema Seu”

Is there anything better than seeing a drag queen dressed in an all-latex bodysuit dropping into frame to rob a museum? Not only are the aesthetics and visuals pitch-perfect for this fiery breakup track, but the choreography and even the campy storyline are executed just well enough that it leaves you wanting more when the video ends.

“Então Vai” ft. Diplo

While each of these videos are great in their own distinct ways, there is no question that Vittar’s greatest music video to date is “Então Vai.” It features dancing shirtless men, Vittar roaming around her home country, some of the most aesthetically beautiful shots in any of her videos, and of course a feature from Diplo, who she even gets to make out with. If this isn’t quintessential Pabllo Vittar, nothing is.

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